South Park Characters

Yeah so 16 years ago I use to love Scroll Sawing. It’s normally used to make small artistic type wood cutouts. After a 16 year break I wanted to start up again and knew I was going to be insanely rusty, so I wanted to start off with something easy. I was going to cut out South Park characters out of wood and then paint them. The idea started off with the just the main characters… and then it turned into 88 characters. Probably spent about 2-4 hours on each character. Process was basically this…

  1. Find image of the character on the internet, size it to match all other characters for scale. Then print it.
  2. Each character is several pieces of wood. Face, Hair, Accessories, Body. Some characters are made of 7 pieces of wood. Need to glue all these printed images to wood.
  3. Cut out all the pieces for each character
  4. Use mineral spirits on all the pieces to remove the paper and glue
  5. Paint the pieces
  6. Glue them together
  7. ….
  8. Profit

Eventually I want to cut out some scenes or backgrounds and paint them. Then glue the characters to that scene and make a 3D picture. An example would be a picture of the school, and put all the school faculty on there. The school steps for the Goth kids. The Manger for the Christmas critters(still need to do Anti-Christ). Also plan on doing Coon and Friends.

Its hard to tell from the pictures, but like I said, each one is made of several pieces of wood. I am in no way an artist, and progressively got better at painting as I made these guys, so some might be rough looking. Here are some pictures…


Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Butters

Linda+Stephen Stotch, Liane Cartman, Mr Guermo, Randy+Sharon Marsh, Gerald+Shiela+Ike Brofloski, Stuar+Carol McCormick

Craig, Pip, Scott Malkinson, Bebe, Nathan, Clyde, Tweek, Jimmy, Wendy, Token, Timmy, Shellie, Kyle’s Cousin Kyle, Dougie.

Mr Slave, Mr Garrison, Ms Chokesondick, Ms Crabtree, Principal Victoria, Mr Mackey, Chef, Nurse Gollum.

Kevin, Mephisto, Ned, Jimbo, Scott Tenorman, Under Cover Prostitute Cop, Barbrady, Mayor, Big Gay Al, Tuong Lu Kim(City Wok).

Wayne D, Russel Crowe, Al Gore, Mel Gibson, Terrance and Philip, Human Centipad.

Skuzzlebutt, Crab People, Ice Cream Shitting Taco Alien, AWESOME-O, Lemiwinks, Starvin Marvin, Underpants Gnome, Jackovasaurus, Towelie, Sexual Harrassment Panda, Alien.

Christmas Critters

Goth Kids

Starvin Marvin, Lemiwinks, Mr Hankey, Underpants Gnome.

Some of the smaller Christmas Critters. Added a Penny so you can get an idea of the size.

Sadam, Satan, Jesus, Priest Maxi, God

Undercover Prostitute Cop

Kenny’s Parents


Human Centipad


Nurse Golum

Mel Gibson

Priest Maxi

Kevin and Mephisto


Wayne D

Mr Slave, Mr Garrison, Ms Choksondick

Big Gal Al

Ms Crabtree

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  1. i love South Park the show i watched it and my dad Drawed them for me back in 2005 and now i draw them.

  2. A P says:

    Your south park characters are sick, if you’re interested in selling the set please contact 806.640.8241

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