To Catch A Predator Drinking Game

One of my absolute favorite TV shows is “To Catch A Predator”. Nothing is better than watching the face of a Pedophile the second it dawns on them that their life is ruined. The only way I could think that this show could get any better, is if it were a drinking game. So a group of my friends came up with some rules. You can pick and choose which rules that you want to play with in the event that you get alcohol poisoning after playing the game for 3 minutes. You need to drink every time one of the following things happen…

Drink If…
– If they drove over 2 hours to meet their adolescent friend
– If they work with Children (Priest, Teacher, Camp Counselor, etc)
– If they bring Sexual Toys, Condoms, Lube, or Alcohol – Drink for each item
– If they sent naked pictures, for each picture
– If they have children
– If they cry
– If they consume any of the drinks or snacks
– If they plead not guilty
– If they have an obscene chat name
– If they were aware of Dateline before hand
– If they are Indian or Middle Eastern
– If they say they weren’t going to do anything
– If they say they were only here to talk
– If they say it will never happen again
– If they ask if they are in trouble or going to be arrested

Drink twice, or finsih your drink if…
– If they get naked
– If they have a Speech Impediment or Disability
– If they got caught twice by Dateline


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