Pimp Turtle’s Ride

I like to try and throw a large party every summer, but we decided to go with a theme this year. My original idea was to buy a shit load of spray paint, pass it around to all of the guests, and everyone can spray whatever they want on Turtle’s car. I have to give Turtle some credit for allowing us to take the book value of this car and making it worthless. About a month before the party we were talking about it at the hockey rink, and Ron suggested a “Pimp Turtle’s Ride” party. The idea was basically to pimp it out. We knew it would look shitty afterwards, but we wanted to attempt to make it look nice. I dropped over 80 dollars just on spray paint for this thing. So we initally did want it to look good.

First thing we had to do was tape up the car. Basically using trash bags and masking tape

Now that we have the car taped up, we need to spray it white first. The main color is fluorescent green. To make it stand out, we need the white coat first.

Well, for anyone that has never used spray paint before, its the most painful thing to use on earth. Your fingers are hurting really bad just after 2 cans of paint. So between painful finger tips and lazyness, we decide to stop. As you can see the white paint isnt on all that good. You can still see some blotches of maroon. But in the end it seems to make the car look even better.

Our artist Paul will be designing the hood. At the top left have corner of the hood you will notice a drawing he made to help him lay out the design. I wont tell you what it is yet, but I will give you a clue. His nickname is Turtle.

Paul breaks out a sharpie

Now he begins to paint

And its done! A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on the hood!

Ron and Nick finally arrive! Nick brings the bling bling spinner hub caps on these phat 13 inch rims. Ron begins to spray paint the interior black!

At first they wanted a white interior. Then they changed their mind to a yellow interior.

Well they give up on the yellow interior, and stick with the green. Here Steve is getting drunk, and high off of the fumes.

John, Donald, and Tim show up to see the damage.

Notice the spray painted the pedals!

Rear View mirror broke. Some Duct Tape should fix that up!

Here is the inside with the tape off. We got a shite load of spray paint on the wind shield.

Rear View isnt looking too hot. But we need to take it for a test drive!

To say the least, the Pimp Turtle’s Ride Party was a hit. We hope to do it again soon. We just need to find another teenager with low self esteem to take advantage of. Turtle doesn’t have the car anymore, they gave it to a family friend, and they had it re-painted. But Turtle did drive the car for a couple months before getting rid of it.

While driving his car in Philly, several people would see the car and start cheering and clapping.

He walked to his car after work, and under the wiper was a girl’s phone number

While eating lunch with a co-worker near a college campus. A girl was near by and asked if they saw that awesome Ninja Turtle car around campus. Turtle says, “See it? I fucking own it!” The girl wound up asking him up to her dorm room.

This car is a chick magnet! So kids… if you have a beat car! PIMP IT! Cost around 120 dollars for paint and rims. You will have to beat the women off with a stick!

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