Pimp Turtle’s Ride Party

I wanted to get a Picture of Steve’s reaction when he first saw the car. This is it.

Tyler, Lori, Craig

Tyler with a brew

Craig and Liz

Wooly talking to the hand

Wooly, Kate, Chris


Leo is the first to be passed out. Notice his pants…

Beer Pong tourney!

Jenn with the butt plug that was suppose to be the hood ornament

Andrew and Pete

Jenn is attacking me with the butt plug

Ron is trying to score some oral

It’s Grace! You wont see too much of her though. She lived at the beer pong table for a couple hours and passed out!

Poor Leo

Leo LOOOVES the cawk!

Nick, Jeremy, Keith, Tyler, and Steve

Me and Steve

Theresa and Paul doing car bombs

Is that a boob near Lori’s head?

Keith doing his first car bomb with Steve

Steve, Lori, Nick

Ron looking for man love with his daughter in his lap

Steve, Andrew, and Theresa

RC and Steve

Andrew, Liz, Paul, and Steve

Liz, Paul, Chris

Chris, Wool, Liz

Turtle holding Steve

Brotherly man love


Tossed Salad!

Kate and Steve

Best Picture!



Steve Shantz ladies and gentlemen!

Chris can take every inch!

Lori is trashed!

Keith and Leo. Before Leo passed out.

Ron’s kid stuck it in his ear!

Ron sticks it back in her eye!

“Fuck You Steven” Face

Post Beer Pong Grace


Tim and Steve

Grace, Leo, Donald, Alyson

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