Wii Bowling Drinking Game

The Wii Bowling Drinking Game will quite literally get you trashed. At most, 4 people can play the game at once, but there are a couple things you can do to get more people involved.

1.) Spectators can “side” with one of the players. Drinking every time the player they sided with Drinks. You can even have two players act as a team and take turns.

2.) If someone is a designated driver, allow them to play and have someone do all their drinking.

As for the rules….

– If you bowl a strike, all your opponents must drink
– If you bowl a spare, you force a single opponent to drink(best part of the game)
– If you dont knock down all 10 pins, you must drink
– If you drop the ball before bowling it, you must drink
– If you get a gutter ball, you must finish your drink(Its hard to get gutters)
– If you hit a split, your opponents must finish their drinks
– If you hit a 7-10 split, your opponents must finish their drinks and do a shot of your choice(we have never seen this happen)
– If you finish last, you must finish your drink

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